2013 #FilipinoFriday 1: What Species of Book Reader Are You?

  • Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm a day late as it's Saturday in the Philippines. But this is one meme that I always look forward to ... drumroll ... it's Filipino Friday! This is the third year I'm joining in and I love that I'm part of a community that drums up excitement for reading and books in my homeland.

Check out the Filipino Friday meme questions and join in! You can connect with other Filipino Book Bloggers. If you're not Filipino, no matter, you can join in too. You can be an honorary Filipino :)

If you're based in the Philippines, be sure to pop in at Ateneo de Manila University on November 9 and hobnob with fellow bibliophiles in this years's Filipino Reader Conference.

So without further ado, here's my introductory post for Filipino Friday. 

Introductions. Instead of the usual introductions that we have down in the past two years, we will answer this question: What Species of Book Reader Are You? which is based on this infographic by Laura E. Kelly.

Honestly this infographic makes my head spin! I guess I'm of the schizophrenic species since I see myself in so many of these categories. I think it also goes to show that classifying readers into species is pretty futile ... at least in my case, as my reading habits are so tied up to what I feel like in the moment. Also, I've noticed that my reading has changed over the years ... depending on my stage in life and how much available time I have.

Let's see. 

I identify mostly with Eclectic Reader and It's Complicated under Free Range. 

But to complicate it even further, I see myself identifying with the following:


Books as Love Objects - Cherished
I can't fathom why no one would cherish their books! I mean, how is that even possible to be a bibliophile and not love your books? I'm alternately the OCD Reader, the Hoarder (please, dont judge me by my book piles), sometimes I can be a Chronological Reader, other times I need to be the Immersive Reader, but I am always the Library Lover.

Books as Love Objects - Abused
I admit it, I can be abusive. I'm the Book Buster (sorry, I can't help dog-earing, it's just sooo convenient), the Re-Reader (oh c'mon, favourites are meant to be re-read!), the Book Rescuer (let's not get into this, please, already see eye rolls from the hubby when I bring in books from "various sources"), and depending on what I've got going I can be a Multi-tasker.


I am an Omnireader: Yes I read labels. I read old newspapers. When desperate, read what's available. Why not? 

The Spoiler: sometimes. Sometimes I just can't help skipping over to the end!

I am a Comfort Reader: some books are like old friends that I like to just spend some time with, so of course I need to re-read (Strange Pilgrims, Little Women, Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). Didn't  already say that I'm a Re-reader?

Book Swagger: yes, especially if it's something I've been anticipating ... I felt like that with the Harry Potter books!

I've been both the Travelling Reader and the Sleepy Bedtime Reader on many occasions.

Not really Social, no real Prestige

I'm NOT a very Social Reader, except on my blog. In which case I can sometimes be a Sharer-Screamer and an Evangelist. I suspect that blogging species are a different altogether because blogs are all about being virtually social but you can argue otherwise. 

I'm NOT a very Prestigious reader though I do read and obscure title now and again. 

I think I overthought this post. It's interesting to think about it! So tell me, what type of reader are you?

What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic
From http://laura-e-kelly.com/

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  1. Hi Aloi!

    I love your blog template. I too am very much a comfort reader, especially with novels by my favorite authors Stephen King, John Green, and Haruki Murakami.


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