Bridget Jones's Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

Hooray Bridget Jones!

Bridget Jones’s Diary
Once I got the idea of "emotional fuckwittage" (pronounced to rhyme with fromage), I realized that it's insights like these that possessed me to read all of Helen Fielding's books in the last two months (more in another post on the two other books though)!

I couldn't get enough of Bridget's issues of weight and dieting (doesn't every woman obsess in some way about her weight/body?), the woes of Singletons and Smug Marrieds (god, I never thought I'd have tinges of a SM in me, huh!), and the whole horrendous fall-in-love-great-(and-not-so-great) shags, and horrible men choices.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
    What can I say? Bridget Jones has grown on me. I found this much funnier and the characters much more real somehow. Probably because they've become so much more familiar, and I've been hankering to find out what the heck happened after the first book. I still love Mark Darcy, hate Daniel Cleaver (and hate Bridget for falling for him, but we need a bad guy!), and am glad that Bridget is just an ordinary gal ordinary people can relate to.

    Read an interesting Helen Fielding interview here. While she has a more serious first novel, can you believe that the plot of Bridget Jones is from Jane Austen? And find out why Fielding now has punctuation problems.

    Verdict: vg! funny!

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