Prime Cut by Diane Mott Davidson

Synopsis of Prime Cut (Goldy Culinary Mysteries, Book 8) by Diane Mott Davidson: A caterer's nightmare... Caterer Goldy Schulz is convinced things couldn't get worse. An unscrupulous rival is driving her out of business. An incompetent contractor has left her precious kitchen in shambles. And she has just agreed to cater a fashion shoot at a nineteenth-century mountain cabin with her mentor and old friend, French chef André Hibbard. A dash of cold-blooded murder... Together Goldy and André struggle in a hopelessly outdated kitchen to cater to a vacuous crowd of beautiful people whose personal dramas climax when a camera is pitched through a window...into the buffet. Then Goldy's contractor is found hanging in the house of one of her best friends. A second murder follows and Goldy must somehow solve a mystery and prepare for a society soirée that could make--or break--her career. A recipe for disaster... It's a mystery that involves the dead contractor's unwholesome past, a food saboteur, the theft of four historical cookbooks, and an overzealous D.A. who has suspended Goldy's detective husband, Tom, from the force. What Goldy discovers is the perfect recipe for murder. And she may be dessert!

My take

A horrible combination - Agatha Christie meets Anthony Bourdain. Geez, who can think about eating (granted, a gourmet meal) when a murder happened in the very room you're preparing it in? No job? Second mortgage? Down to the last savings? ... and you still prepare a meal fit for kings? What is the logic in this? Though Diane Mott Davidson seems to be the only author writing in this genre. A nice idea but it somehow didn't fly in this book.

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