The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton

The book in one sentence: A hodgepodge of 23 short poems about the poor lives of misshappen oddities, aptly named what they are - Oyster Boy, Staring Girl, Stain Boy, among others.

Voodoo Girl
Staring Girl
Who would you recommend it to: Those who love Tim Burton and his macabre humor. This definitely isn't a book for kids!  

OK bits: Its brevity, its dark humor, its lovely illustrations - all done in trademark Burton style. This book is so much more than what it seems, a commentary on violence, being different, and the alienation of being different.  

Boring bits:  The poetry feels a little stilted at time. Nothing rhymes (not that I really expect it to). I got a tad "sick" after a few stories and put the book down and read some more when I had "recovered." I tend to be really affected by books, and yet in its simplicity, this really hit me.   

Verdict: I've been a vascillating Burton fan. For example, Edward Scissorhands I loved/hated. I find it deeply disturbing to find humor in other people's misfortunes; and while there is a humorous side, I laugh with a hollow feeling within. Enjoy yet understand.  

Random quote:
For Halloween,
Oyster Boy decided to go as a human.
If you'd like to read this book in full, click here.

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