The Tenko Club by Elizabeth Noble

Not-so-fluffy check lit

Synopsis of The Tenko Club by Elizabeth Noble: Club Rules Men, children, work, shopping, wine and chocolate. Important, but not AS important. When they need you, you are there. No giving up. Members Freddie, Tamsin, Reagan and Sarah They meet at university in the heady days of the 80s: four women with little in common but an eagerness to live life to the full. And over romantic crises, long gossipy nights and too many bottles of wine, they form the Tenko club and swear they'll always be there for each other. Life Membership. Twenty years later, that promise is put to the test.

My two cents: I was expecting another non-thinking book (which is why I actually LIKE chick lit) but was surprised that this Yaya sisterhood-like book would go so deeply into problems of marriage and children.

More reality than expected, but not at all bad.

Got a little lost with the names, and the story seemed to revolve on one of the four girls (in fact, what happened in her life was quite definitive for the others) - but hey, ok, ok, whatever.

Read this if you want a more sobering Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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