Softies Only a Mother Could Love ed. by Jess Redman and Meg Leder

Softies Only a Mother Could Love: Lovable Friends for You to Sew, Knit, or CrochetI doubt only mothers will love these. 

I have a penchant for cute. And I do like to craft every so often. I've adored Hello Kitty as a child (and as an adult) and I heart Aronzi Aronzo. I enjoy making amigurami but don't seem to have the stamina to make too many. And crafting is a great bonding time with my daughter, who seems to have my gene for cute-loving too!

The book in one sentence: Tons of cute softies to make, collect, give away and love!

My thoughts: What a great little book! Ever since I started crafting, I've become an Etsy-wannabe and have oohed and ahhed at many a crafter's blog. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the work of these great artists compiled in this one book!

Look at all these great things to make:

I'm partial to the lizard, plurbit (what's a plurbit?) and that cheeky little cosmonaut devil! The great thing about this is that everything looks easy to make. The patterns are provided so all you need to do is trace them or photocopy them. Even better is that the artist's blog link is provided, so if you run into any trouble you can always pop off an SOS comment ... or even better yet, thank them for contributing these lovely designs for us to make!

A few more photos to inspire you, and get you in a crafting mood!

plurbit {}

cosmonaut devil {}

Verdict: Chockful of cute! Gotta have my own copy!


  1. That's a very cuddly book Aloi! But there seems to be a lack of craft stores here in the Philippines for us here to make those cute softies. =) Or maybe I just don't know where to find the materials. =)

  2. Aloy (hahaha, same name ;) ) -- lots of places to get crafts supplies there in the philippines! For felt and lots of scrap booking, you can try Hobbes and Landes. And of course there is the ever reliable SM, National Bookstore .... and of course DIVISORIA!

    The good thing about this book is that you can actually use scrap material for many of them, so anything lying around the house could work.

    Are you going to try anything in particular? Wow, a craftin' tatay!

  3. I heart the cosmonaut devil!! he's so cute!!!!

  4. welski, isn't he? cheeky little bugger. it's supposed to look CGI-like ...

  5. I've been wanting to get an Aronzo book for my collection, but no luck so far.

    yup, lots of supplies here in the philippines if you know where to look. the Saizen at Robinson's Galleria is pretty well stocked and is a good place to start. and then divisoria when you get more hardcore :D

  6. blooey, aren't the Aronzo books insanely expensive?!


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