A Gown (yes a GOWN) made of Golden Books!

I grew up on Little Golden Books with their colourful illustrations and distinctive gold foil spines. I have a few still lying around at my childhood home, ratty, torn, and much-read and much loved. 

Ryan Novelline, an innovative designer, takes his love of Golden Books and fashion and creates this beautiful storybook gown made entirely out of recycled and discarded Golden Books! Can you see that the bodice is made entirely out of the golden spines?

I can see Simba, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations .... what else do you see?

Interesting fact: the surface area of the skirt is about 22,000 square inches! 

All I can say is: that is a lot of books!

Check out this link to see how the dress was constructed.


  1. What a travesty!
    I'm mortified seeing my favorite childhood memories made into a dress. Is nothing sacred anymore?! It's ugly any ways.

  2. That's pretty cool. I remember my Golden Book days :D

  3. @fredamans - i think the good thing about it is that the books were going to be thrown out anyway!

    @fairypenguin - i can't believe the amount of work this took! golden books all the way :)

  4. Thank you for featuring my piece on your blog. Great collection of articles.

  5. Ok, now I have seen everything. I am glad books were not thrown away but a gown? LOL

  6. @Ryan - Thank you for creating such a unique gown! The pleasure is mine :)

    @Senora - creativity has no bounds! :)


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