Nothing to read while on the john? Grab your air freshener!

Disclaimer: This is nothing like my past posts of that perfume that smells of musty books. Or just plain wanting to get the "classic musty smell" so that "Your e-book reader may be new and made of plastic, but now your e-books can smell like vintage classics!"

I've seen strange things, but this takes the cake. It is totally brilliant! Watch this video to find out.

The full-sized image of the ad (that you can read) right after the jump!

This is such a fun one! And to prove that this video isn't a gag, here's the original link happily provided to me by my cousin, Glitch.

Ok, so people don't read. Sitting there with nothing to do (ok, not totally true) ... people read whatever's available ... so you reel them into reading with these genius air fresheners that are printed with snippets of literary classics. 

Oh, and another perk? Complete the reading with a matching scent to really get you in the mood to ... (ok, I'm not going there):
  • Wuthering Heights (with Mountain Air Aroma)
  • Silent Spring (with Snowdrop Aroma)
  • The Old Man and the Sea (with Sea Breeze aroma, of course)
  • Flowers in the Attic (with Waterlily aroma)

The toilet/washroom/john is the last frontier for readers. And I can't believe I am saying this, I am all for promoting literacy ... in the loo!

P.S. Seriously, how sanitary could this be?

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