Thrifted 39 Clues hardbounds and card packs!

I just love getting great books at reasonable prices (I haunt yard sales) or even free! Which is why I almost passed out when I saw a whole box of hardbound The 39 Clues books, complete with cards and card packs, at our nearby thrift store. I got this whole lot (6 books and 3 packs) for $5.50 -- not bad at all when you know that each book/card pack costs about $15!

I blogged about The 39 Clues a while back. The daughter and I only got to book 3 and unfortunately got distracted with other books, particularly Harry Potter.

If you haven't yet heard of the series, it's definitely a great way for kids to learn about famous personalities in history, gallivant around the world virtually, and put your thinking caps on to solve these clues.

Each book has 6 cards in it, with codes that you type into the website. Then you solve a clue. The card packs have 16 cards in them, so of course more cards = more clues.

Watch out, it's addictive, as its online version is!

{Note that the time has passed to win actual prizes on the website, but the books are great reading nonetheless, and the site remains active!}

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