Happy Charles Dickens Month!

I stumbled across this fun challenge at Fig and Thistle that would, at the least, get me thinking about Charles Dickens. I have a severe lack of classics in my reading list, and among my resolutions for 2012 is to get at least one classic read (and re-reads do not count!). So why not something by Charles Dickens? Some titles that immediately come to mind are:
  • Great Expectations
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • A Christmas Carol (which I read absolutely ages ago)
  • David Copperfield
  • now I'm stuck ... I admit. :)
Charles Dickens is celebrating is 200th birthday on February 7. There is Dickens 2012, a whole website dedicated to celebrating all things Dickens! I am joining in Fig and Thistle's little challenge to move me on to reading Dickens. How does it work?
The premise is basic: every Tuesday in January (there are 5 Tuesdays) post something about Charles Dickens. It can be a book, short story, or film review. It could be about his life. It could even merely relate to his time period. Basically just have something relevant about Charles Dickens in your blog post (heck, it could even be a rant about how much you hate Charles Dickens). On his birthday, Tuesday 02/07 there will be a big wrap-up!
Well, on to the fun! Care to join in?


  1. Sounds interesting! I admit I haven't read Dickens since I was in school..... should probably pick one of his books up again. :)

  2. i feel guilty that most of my classics were required reading :)


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