#BookmarkMonday: Yay for flip flops!

Welcome to Week 23 of #BookmarkMonday, the 2013 Edition.

The footwear of choice for summer ... nothing else screams summer louder than flip flops! Now, don't forget to pack a book ...

Top, L-R:
Pink flip flops and red painted nails, yes please!  // My Bookmark*
Mismatched flipflops, magnetic so you won't lose them // Paperhouse

Bottom, L-R:
Metal, floral, and bejewelled. And just one needed // Buns of Maui
Quaint cross stitched flip flops // Far Away Designs

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  1. Replies
    1. if i could get away with wearing with the all the time, i would! :) it's just way to hot to wear closed shoes these day!

  2. Nice bookmarks. Amongst other things, I received a pair of Maple Leafs flip flops for Father's Day.

    1. Hmm ... I'm sure they're being put to good use! :)


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