Friday 56 & #BookBeginnings: The Angel of Losses

When Grandpa came to live with us, he brought the White Magician with him. Holly and I were children, still excited for a night of checkers and pizza on those Saturdays when our parents went out to the nice restaurant in our little town off the turnpike. Tell us a story! we would cry, tucked beneath our blankets in the room we shared. Tell us a story about the White Magician!
- p. 1 (ARC, page may change)

"Careful, careful," the old man said. He had a slight accent. "We must remember our sorrows, not drown them."
- p. 56  (ARC, page may change)

Synopsis of The Angel of Losses by Stephanie FeldmanThe Tiger’s Wife meets A History of Love in this inventive, lushly imagined debut novel that explores the intersections of family secrets, Jewish myths, the legacy of war and history, and the bonds between sisters. When Eli Burke dies, he leaves behind a mysterious notebook full of stories about a magical figure named The White Rebbe, a miracle worker in league with the enigmatic Angel of Losses, protector of things gone astray, and guardian of the lost letter of the alphabet, which completes the secret name of God. When his granddaughter, Marjorie, discovers Eli’s notebook, everything she thought she knew about her grandfather—and her family—comes undone. To find the truth about Eli’s origins and unlock the secrets he kept, she embarks on an odyssey that takes her deep into the past, from 18th century Europe to Nazi-occupied Lithuania, and back to the present, to New York City and her estranged sister Holly, whom she must save from the consequences of Eli’s past. Interweaving history, theology, and both real and imagined Jewish folktales, The Angel of Losses is a family story of what lasts, and of what we can—and cannot—escape. 


  1. This book sounds like a rare treat. Enjoy!

  2. This sounds like an amazing book! I really liked the sound of the beginning because it's quite recognizable to me and my little sister. We used to love the stories our grandfather told us! And the F56 is pretty good life advice. I think I'll have to add this one to my Need to Read pile! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
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    1. Really? Based on the book, the White Magician has many "reincarnations" across cultures. I love it when grandparents tell stories -- those are definitely moments to treasure.

  3. The book's beginning really hooked me. I love family sagas and this sounds like an amazing one. Thanks for introducing me to this book.
    Here's the link to my Friday post: MURDER ON ASTOR PLACE.

    1. This entire book hooked me. The beginning is just the start of more good things :)

  4. I would keep reading just to discover more about the White Magician! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sparrow's BB & Friday 56

  5. I like the beginning. Love the quote in the Friday 56.

  6. Love that whimsical cover!
    I'm thoroughly intrigued by this white magician.
    Wise words for that 56!!

    Happy weekend!

  7. I love the cover.

    I would read this book. I love the summary.

    A mysterious notebook filled with short stories definitely grabbed me.

    THANKS for sharing.

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  8. I like the sound of this one and I love that cover :D

    My BB and 56 :) 


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