#RRSciFiMonth #BookmarkMonday (46): Old Tech New Tech

Its fascinating how old technology can become the raw material for something totally new.  Check out these circuit boards reborn as bookmarks by Debby Arem Designs*.

This entire month, #BookmarkMonday is celebrating Sci-Fi November with a month of science fiction-themed bookmarks. And what's sci-fi without a little old technology?

 A few more very colourful circuit board bookmarks by Motherboard Gifts.

Since we're on the subject of old technology, here are some recycled vinyl records become bookmarks called Vling!

And while this is not quite the same ... here's a mock cassette tape bookmark by StudioDingDong... (yes, it is old tech!)

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  1. Lots of great looking bookmarks there. I especially like the mini cassette tapes. Here is my Bookmark Monday post for this week.

    1. Yeah, I thought the cassette tapes were pretty fab ;)


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