How I did with Spring #Bloggiesta

Here's how the week went for Spring Bloggiesta, which zoomed by so quickly I once again couldn't believe it. Read more on Bloggiesta!

A quick runthrough what I managed to get done as I may not be able to check in my blog tomorrow. My two main goals for this Bloggiesta, 1 and 7, are highlighted. I also managed to visit a number of blogs, poke my head into Twitter to check out the chats (which I unfortunately couldn't attend real time). Overall, stuff has been accomplished and I am happy too, to realize that the book blogging community is a happy, helpful bunch. Really.


*1. DONE! Get up-to-date with my reviews. 
I completed two reviews, woohoo! Now about 12 to go ;)
Cave and Shadows by Nick Joaquin
A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

2. DONE! Update my Book Map with old and recent reads.

3. TO DO: Rethink my tags for Lots of Bookishness.
I deleted the category for the meantime because it is stressing me out! The posts are still there but will figure it out ;)

4. DONE! Clean up wonky posts.
This just an ongoing thing and I did knock off a few old ones ;)

5. DONE! Go check out some new templates.
I have a short list and am considering maybe changing things up in the summer. Of course I may change my mind, again. Stay tuned!

I also got some valuable feedback when I asked for some in my post #Bloggiesta on Display and have been doing a few tweaks here and there.

6. TO DO: Fix my Bloglovin feed. (I've given up on this because I tried to fix it to no avail.)
I realize that it is my RSS feed itself that is problematic and not Bloglovin. I'll look into this further. If anyone has experiences something similar, I'd love to hear how you addressed it!

*7. DONE! Go through all the posts in the Bloggiesta mini-challenges list and see what I want to incorporate into my Masterlist.
I am adding a few which I intend to get to in future Bloggiestas. If Tif Talks Books does her mini challenge again next time, I am definitely in!

8. DONE! Check out the Twitter feed for #bloggiesta and participate in at least one Twitter chat.
I seem to participate only via the recaps, which is a shame. The timing didn't work out for me this time around but I managed to read through all the recaps. Did you miss me? ;)

9. Host a mini-challenge
Make your own Book Map using Google Maps (2014 post)

10. Host a  giveaway!
Bloggiesta Blogger Template Giveaway (2014 post)

11. DONE! Added: Read new Bloggiesta posts
I really enjoyed the series The Best Blogging Advice Ever since it boils down our blogging issues to what are the most critical and provides advice on how to enjoy and continue enjoying blogging. No stress allowed!

12. DONE! Added: Join mini challenges
I managed to join in a few mini-challenges:

The Ins and Outs of Disqus (River City Reading) - I guess technically I'd already moved over before reading this post but I was so happy to get a bit more insight from real users on this nifty tool!

Tracking Diversity Reading Stats (Doing Dewey) - again, I've been trying to do this already but I managed to get my Book Map updated, and am rethinking how to classify by author nationality (it's complicated!)

Book Avid did a round-up of all the mini-challenges in case you missed some :)

How was your Bloggiesta?

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  1. We were on spring break so I missed Bloggiesta and definitely need to check out these mini challenges and update my book map! Great job. I look forward to your new design! I am always toying with mine too


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