Find Momo Coast to Coast by Andrew Knapp

Momo's still hiding ... and you need to find him!

About Find Momo Coast to Coast by Andrew Knapp: Momo the adorable Border collie is back! This time you can play hide-and-seek with Momo as he travels from coast to coast, visiting iconic North American landmarks and exploring back roads Americana and Canada. Part game, part photography book, part road-trip journal, all fun. 

In FIND MOMO, readers were introduced to Momo the Border collie, who plays hide-and-seek in the beautiful photography of his best buddy Andrew Knapp. Now the game continues. This time readers can travel with the Instagram sensation as he journeys from Portland, Maine to Austin, Texas to Seattle, Washington; from British Columbia back home to Ontario, all the while visiting iconic landmarks and unique off-map marvels. Look for Momo hiding in Grand Central Station, in front of the White House, or on the streets of San Francisco and at diners, camp grounds, museums, and other locales that only a seasoned road-tripper like Andrew could find.

My two cents

I loved making the acquaintance of collie Momo and Andrew in their first book (check out of my review of Find Momo) so the sequel was an easy "yes" for review for me. And I adore the second book just as much as the first!

With the success of the "Where's Waldo" concept of the first book, it's no surprise that the second capitalizes on this formula. Momo and Andrew continue their road trip in their yellow van throughout North America and the book's format is exactly the same -- short snippets and musings of the duo's stops followed by full photo bleeds where Momo is cleverly hidden at these stops.

I enjoyed the coast to coast virtual trip through US and Canada with some amazing landscapes, picturesque neighborhoods, interesting architecture, iconic landmarks, and some seriously mundane spots! And - dare I say it - some of the most bizarre places (do you know where there are ginormous 36-foot tall The Beatles statues? Tallest filing cabinets? And it gets weirder!). Come sun or snow, Momo and Andrew just had to snap a photo!

I was happy to see that they also had a stop in my part of the world, with shout out to the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I've had my photo taken in the same place, minus the hiding.

It was fun, too, to see the people (and pets) these two have encountered on their journeys. I can't help but smile at people respond to Momo (and Andrew of course) with such friendliness and welcoming. Cute dogs can do that.

To whet your appetites for hide-and-seek, check out some the "pawtographs." There's tons more like this!
Where is Momo? Actually, the REAL question is: Where is the world's tallest filing cabinet? And Why, just WHY?
Photo from
Momo paid a visit to Big Duck on Long Island, New York.
Photo from

Uh oh

For the most part, I found Momo harder to find in the first book than in the second. You can ignore my nitpicking though, because I attribute it to one, there were more photos where Momo is "hidden in plain sight" and two, maybe I'm just used to looking for black and white with a streak of red bandanna?  (Plus remember Ctrl + can be your best friend if you feel the desire for zooming these photos).

Verdict: Lightning strikes in the same place! This fun collection of photographs capitalizing on the winning formula of adorable pet, loving pet owner, and a zest for life will delight readers, animal lovers, travellers, photography buffs kids and adults alike. If you loved the first book, you'll love this too; if you've never heard of Momo, I know you're probably itching to get hands on at least one of the books now.


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