Do you want to know the artist behind my logo? Here's your chance!

I got extremely antsy last year and was hankering for a change. I'd changed my blog theme but I felt like my logo needed something. 

Where did I find this amazing artist? I've been dabbling a bit with fiverr for my advertising and came across some artists and designers and I gravitated to the artist who calls herself "mephmeph" with her beautifully weird, edgy illustrations. After a little back and forth about my blog, myself, and some randomness, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and gave her full artistic license to design a logo for my blog. And there I was, still wondering if I needed my elephant logo revamped!

The header is her handiwork and you'll see variations of it associated with my account. Here's the coloured version.

To close, I simply want to thank mephmeph and highly recommend her as an artist. You can be sure that you'll see more of her work on my blog!

(This is a non-sponsored post - I hired this artist to create my logo, and I was pleased with her work and simply wanted to share the love!)

Now, enough about me, meet mephmeph or Ilisăi Andreea, who hails from Romania. Check out some of her wonderful work:

Ilisăi Andreea 

I'm never good when it's about talking about myself but I suppose that the images speak better than me. Some say my drawings are wicked, weird or that my style is bold and defined by colors but when it comes about me I just know it's an ongoing meditative process about what goes around in my messy head and that's pretty much it.

I started as a typical art student studying a lot of different techniques and styles and not so long time ago I figured out what and how to do it to look natural and feel natural.

As a book lover I just wanna say: Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse and nothing more.

Check out her portfolio links:

I'm Not Asian (from here)

Sticker  design (from here)
Become (illustration part of a series. See here)
Animated gif (from here)

Animated gif (from here)

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