Obsessed with 100 Years of Solitude? 10 things that'll make your heart go pitter patter...

You all know I have this (not-so-secret) love affair with Gabriel Garcia Marquez ... err, I mean, his amazing books. On one of my recent Etsy-surfing expeditions, I stumbled across a few things that were 100 Years of Solitude*- themed that made me go ooh, ahh! I couldn't help myself! I liked so many, I thought you guys might get a kick out of this post:

Item 1: The book (or a version of this book). Well, this one is obvious. You need the actual book. I have this same vintage 1970s edition of 100 Years of Solitude (want your own? Get this one from Elevated Weirdo*).

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Item 2: The bookmark. Keeping track of the Buendia geneaology can be tricky. So a bookmark is in order, and more than one is ideal. Here's a beautiful hand painted one by Sweet Sequels.* (My beef, the book is NOT 100 Years ... hahaha!)

Item 3: The tshirt. Shall we go with some wearable art? Check out this beautifully illustrated tshirt with a befitting memento mori vibe by Miles to Go Clothing.*

Item 4. The clutch. This cover is from collectible edition by Barnes and Noble caught my eye. Novel Creations* tranformed it into a lovely book clutch. (I wonder what they did with its innards?)

Item 5: The clutch, amped up. Yes, I know. But one can never have too many bags, right? Here's a handmade felt clutch by Mrs. Chaplain Shop* which is entirely made from scratch and is her take on the cover by Tom Rainford. The price is UP THERE but we can all dream!

Item 6: The keychain. Need something less "in your face?" (and more affordable?) Here's your keychain with 100 Years of Solitude ... in Spanish! by BytheBookBoutique*

Item 7. A magnet by Magnet Factory*. More designs please. My fridge needs some love.

Item 8. The book charm. This particular cover is extremely popular and probably among the most recognizable. Get it in a mini book charm by JanDaJewelry.* Use as a necklace or put on your keychain .... or maybe a single earring?

Item 9. The Penguin cover. Another iconic look with the 100 Years twist. This art print of Penguin Books cover is printed on an old encyclopedia page by Cartaban Prints*

Item 10. Art. Love 100 Years? Go all out with this print depicting the Ascension of Remedios the Beauty by  John Carlisle Moore.*

Are you a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or any of his books? Which of these items would you absolutely love to have?

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