Pottermore! Yes we want more! What's in store for Harry Potter?

(The ABC video that was here originally was removed. Check it out here.)

The owls are gathering ... If you're a Harry Potter fan, then you probably got wind of this mysterious website Pottermore. The interwebs is abuzz with speculation! Add to it JK Rowlings's announcement and here Twitter feed (if it's to be believed that this is the real JKRowling) which claims "This is the real me, but you won't be hearing from me often I'm afraid, as pen and paper are STILL my priority at the moment."

Potterhead daughter cannot contain excitement. Honestly, me neither! 


  1. What are your theories? My husband thinks it's a prequel. I don't know! I don't know what to think. Haha! When will the mystery be revealed!?

  2. Toni, so much speculation! I HOPE it's another book series - I'd love a prequel! My daughter says she thinks it's an online game, kind of like Tamagotchi or the 39 Clues. Ikaw, what do you secretly wish for?

  3. Hi Holly! Book 7 ended too soon! :)


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