Fall #Bloggiesta Wrap-Up!

Are you #Bloggiesta-ed out? Things are busier than I expected so I didn't knock off as many things I wanted to. Let's see how how I did:

My Goals for Fall Bloggiesta

1. Finish reading one book for an upcoming blog tour (very reasonable). I have 6 books that I'd like to write reviews for but they can wait.

Yay! I finished reading the almost 500-page book. It's a memoir and I was afraid it would bog me down, but I finished it this morning. Now to write the review!

Totally unrelated and not in my list, I did manage to squeak all my things-to-do for next week:
- Wrote 1 mini-review. It's scheduled for this coming week. (So I am down to a backlog of 5 reviews. Not bad, not bad.)
- Finally started reading my #Diversiverse pick
- Scheduled my BookmarkMonday post
- Scheduled a guest post for next week

2. Go through all the posts in the Bloggiesta mini-challenges list and see what I want to incorporate into my Masterlist. There's a lot already written already and I'd love some concrete ideas ... who knows there may be easy ways to get them done!

Fail, sort of. Tsk Tsk. I looked through the list and got overwhelmed. I'm going to tackle this when things slow down a bit. I'll put up a new Bloggiesta Masterlist that I can revisit every time Bloggiesta rolls around.

3. Check out the Twitter feed for #bloggiesta and have fun! I'll try and participate in at least one Twitter chat. It really depends on how the coming week pans out.

This was a total fail. I couldn't get my timing right. Oh well. Thank goodness for Twitter summary posts!

4. Host a mini-challenge AND a giveaway! Yes, I'm so excited!

Done and done.

Did you make a book map this Bloggiesta? Please let me know!

The giveaway for the Blogger template is still ongoing until September 30, so there's still plenty of time!

All for this Bloggiesta! How did you fare?

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  1. Looks like you got a lot done!!I didn't join this year. :(


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