Full Wattage! by Liz Fletcher Brown

Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to Living an Engaging and Purposeful Life Worth Celebrating by Liz Fletcher Brown

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Synopsis: Have you lost the spark in your career or personal life? Are you feeling bored, restless, burnt out, overwhelmed or stressed? In Full Wattage! Liz Fletcher Brown shares with you practical tools, processes and valuable insights to help you find new meaning and enthusiasm at work and at home. It's your life, so why settle for anything less than being fully, dynamically, and enthusiastically alive? Unlock the secrets to living with Full Wattage! today.

My two cents: 

Some people have a special spark, an extra little something, the X-factor; something that sets them apart from even the more skilled, the more educated, the more whatever. Think about it: personally I'd much rather watch/listen to someone loving to dance/sing/whatever than simply going through the motions.

This is what Full Wattage! reminded me: passion and purpose are more important than perfection. It's not simply just being good at something, but discovering one's passion and purpose in life, or as the author asks: What is your core? 

Liz Fletcher Brown's dancing background sets the book's metaphor of dance for life. (This metaphor makes the discussion so much more accessible. Check out the fun chapter titles: setting the stage, how to keep your balance when the floor is rocking, discovering your dance life, and so on).

The author explains for a dancer, "our core is our powerhouse, our inner strength, the center from which all our all our movements and energy radiate. It's our brilliance!"

In layman's terms, one's core includes:

  • Your sense of purpose
  • Your natural strengths, gifts, and talents
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  • Your values

All this seems simple enough, right? But what this book does is break it all down and lead you through some serious self-examination, self-evaluation -- all surprisingly without any self recrimination. Reading through this book isn't difficult but if you want to maximize what the author is offering you, you need to be be honest with yourself.

If you're not quite ready to do that, I recommend you read through this book open-minded and come back to it with the intent to do each exercise, answer each question, and spend time in some introspection. It's not meant to be read; it's meant to be done.

The book format alternates between short chapters of explanation and various activities such as little quizzes and checklists (you need your own copy because you'll want to write everything down!)

Chockfull of little anecdotes from Liz's own life and drawing from her experiences with the many people she has worked with, there are numerous examples of other people's own experiences.

Chapters are short. Everything is doable, no nonsense and practical.

There is no lecturing, only encouragement and an obvious intent to inspire. Liz's voice is clearheaded, enthusiastic and unflappably optimistic: it actually feels like a friend is leading you through these exercises!

What resonated most with me is that this isn't a quick fix, the core of the book goes to the basics including examining ones' values. In my opinion, that is what sets good self-help books from those that are mere fads.

This is a wonderfully practical book to pick up if you're ready to recharge and make some real changes in your life.

Verdict: I love self-help books, especially if they are practical and do-able. Full Wattage! now makes my "most helpful self-help book arsenal." I highly recommend your getting own copy as quizzes are integrated with the main text. Check out further resources on the website.

Learn more about Full Wattage and Liz Fletcher Brown here:
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I also hosted Liz Fletcher Brown's guest post Dance with Full Wattage and a held a giveaway on this blog. 

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