Spring #Bloggiesta Time!

It seems only like yesterday I joined in the Fall Bloggiesta. Is it Spring already?

If you want to get inspired by fellow book bloggers cleaning up their blogs and their to-do lists, this event is for you.  You know you want to sign up!


I've decided to keep a running list for Bloggiesta and this will just keep evolving:

1. Get up-to-date with my reviews. 
2. Update my Book Map with old and recent reads.
3. Rethink my tags for Lots of Bookishness.
4. Clean up wonky posts.
5. Go check out some new templates.
6. Fix my Bloglovin feed. (I've given up on this because I tried to fix it to no avail.)
7. Go through all the posts in the Bloggiesta mini-challenges list and see what I want to incorporate into my Masterlist.
8. Check out the Twitter feed for #bloggiesta and participate in at least one Twitter chat.
9. Host a mini-challenge 
10. Host a  giveaway!

My Goals for Spring Bloggiesta

I wanted to set some very clear goals for this Bloggiesta. I may change this along the way, let's see!

1. I will try and get through the running list as best I can. The biggest one so far is that I am behind on reviews (who isn't?) and if I knock even one off, I'm a happy gal.

2. Go through all the posts in the Bloggiesta mini-challenges list and see what I want to incorporate into my Masterlist. -- I swear I will do this!

Good luck all, have fun, and be kind to yourself!

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